Saturday, January 12, 2013


I take the subway to work every morning and I try to time it just right so that I always get to the station a few minutes before my 8:15 train arrives. This train is always empty when it comes. It's amazing. The one before it is always packed, as well as the one after it. 

I usually get on and get right to reading the book I have in my bag. On sleepier days, I would read for a few stops, pack my book away and then succumb to my sleepiness. 

This past Friday however, I found myself not wanting to read my book and not feeling sleepy, so I opted to people watch. When I got enough of that, I started daydreaming. Then I found myself staring at my hands, folded neatly on top of my bag. I chucked to myself and thought back to when I first learned to fold my hands. I remember having to do this throughout elementary school. When I was old enough to understand the nuances of words, I often thought about how weird it would be to actually be able to fold origami.

I'm pretty happy I learned how to fold my hands. I hate when I'm in a situation where I don't know what to do with my hands...

Anyway, I'm still thinking about folded hands today, so I decided to sketch out what I must've looked like on the subway this past Friday. It's also an excuse to practice using my secondhand Wacom tablet. This year, I'm determined to champion the Wacom tablet (amongst many, many other things). I'll hopefully be practicing every day, and will post my progress. Yay!

Also, happy new year everybody!

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