Sunday, December 2, 2012


When I'm at work during the day I often get bursts of ideas and I think "I'm going to do that when I get home!" But, by the time I get home, all I want to do is sack out and listen to music or watch TV. So my list of things to do pile up all through the week and I think "the weekend is as good a time as any to get started on these things!" Then...the weekend comes and my body and mind refuses to do anything but repose. 

For the longest time, I just chalked it up to laziness, but now that I'm sitting down to expose my laziness in this post, I've realized that my lack of motivation comes from wanting to tackle too many projects. I currently have at least 10 half-finished projects scattered all over my apartment, and it's driving me nuts. I want to finish them all, but just thinking about starting tires me out. Never again! I must take action to see my ideas through, and to propel myself to where I'd like to be creatively at this point in my life.

Now, with this new revelation, I am tackling the #1 project I've been putting off: this blog! Here's what I've been up to since my last post.

From left to right:
1- Enjoying the last bits of summer at Coney Island
2- Attending the last PS1 Warm-Up Party in Long Island City
3- Yeasayer show at Summerstage in Central Park
4- Indulging in a mooncake at home for the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival
5- Tucker in his new Fall coat, made from pajama pants and demin scraps
6- Brunch at a cute restaurant in my neighborhood (Kitchenette)
7- Beet cupcakes!
8- A shot of the crowd at Paradise Theater in the Bronx (we went to see The XX perform there)
9- I tried embroidering the back of a sweater my mom gave me
10- Sharpened colored pencils for a project I'm almost done with (update to come)
11- A shot of the stage at Carnegie Hall, where we saw Aziz Ansari perfom
12- An apple pie & carrot-pumpkin-muffins for Noah's birthday
13- Mickey McDonald at Cafe Vivaldi
14- Subway ride home to cook for Thanksgiving
15- My little brother's turtles stretching out

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