Sunday, July 15, 2012


Hello and welcome to my third attempt at keeping a blog! 

My first attempt was a failure because I had no idea what I wanted to share in my blog. I had just started an Etsy shop at the time and saw that the typical next step was blogging. I had committed a big rookie mistake: jumping in head first without knowing what I was doing.

My second attempt was a touch better. I had a handful of sales in my shop and a better idea of what I wanted my blog to look and feel like. My mistake then? I had no idea what was blog-worthy material. My entries ended up being all over the place, focusing more on my personal life rather than my craft. There was also the factor of time. I didn't have any time (or motivation for that matter) to keep it up. I had also let my Etsy shop become embarrassingly naked.

I'm hoping that the third time's the charm. I'm another year older, so that should be worth something, right? I'm taking baby steps to building this bad boy up, and to celebrate my first post, I whipped up some potato salad, the way my mom made it when I was little.

Ingredients: 1 medium sized Idaho potato, 2 eggs, 2 spoonfuls of mayo, some salt, black pepper & paprika.
Directions: Peel and dice potatoes. Boil them with the eggs for 20-25 minutes on medium heat. Drain & peel and chop up the eggs. Put everything in a big bowl and season with salt, black pepper & paprika to your liking. Then:

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